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When people look for fun arcade games to pass their time with, some people turn to funny arcade games- which have become more popular over the years than they were in the past. Because they are something of a niche game, it can be hard to find funny arcade games at times. However people do not have to scour the Internet in search of funny arcade games any longer, for Visiongames.com is at their disposal, linking people to the greatest funny arcade games ever made.

Funny arcade games can be broken down into different categories. Crudely funny arcade games are aimed at an older audience- these games include humor that is readily apparent to adults, but is very questionable for children. An example of a crudely funny game would be a dog racing game with cute graphics and fun music, but the accessories purchased for the dog include things such as energy drinks or weighted shoes. Though dog racing games are a bit obscure, they do exist and are fun. Another example of crudely funny games is one that places characters in situations that require them to use rather crass but humorous dialogue. A crudely funny arcade game is definitely not politically correct, but will make an adult laugh at some of the things that happen- even though the game itself does not have a comedic plot.

Subtly funny arcade games are aimed at people with somewhat dry or sophisticated senses of humor. These games tend to be a bit more serious, with somewhat deep storylines and interesting graphics. However to break up the seriousness of the game itself, the creators have injected the game with subtle comical nuances that may be overlooked by some people. The humor in these games may be the name of a town or weapon, perhaps a creature or item.

Silly games are funny arcade games that are just meant to be funny no matter how they are looked at. The graphics are usually drawn in a cartoonish style with a bright or almost-neon palette. The situations will be blatantly humorous, as will the general plot. Characters may say nonsensical things or send the player in search of an item that has a blatantly funny name. These lighthearted games are simply meant to be fun, nothing more and nothing less. People of all ages enjoy silly games because they are a nice change of pace from serious games.

Darkly humorous games are a kind of funny arcade game that was designed with the adult in mind. There is no single genre that encompasses this kind of game, though they are usually fairly easy to pick out. The characters and other graphics are well-drawn, though the chosen palette is usually subdued, which fits the games. The music is normally driving and strong, lending to the overall dark feeling of the game. The humor in these games is undeniably of an adult kind: "gallows" humor is extremely popular, as is characters saying something bitterly sarcastic but funny. Situations may be funny in a darker, more brooding way as well- but the humor is always made readily apparent.

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